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Your Subject(s):
AP US History and US History
Why did you choose to teach that subject?:
I love history because it has the greatest chance of showing us the humanity in the world and analyzing history can help us understand the world we live in today. I also like relating history to my student's lives so they can try to experience how the first natives felt as they met Columbus or how Truman dealt with the controversial decision of dropping the atomic bombs.
What is your biggest challenge in teaching?:
Trying to differentiate curriculum and reaching every student.
What is a highlight in your teaching career?:
I always love to watch my students graduate because it is such an accomplishment. I also like seeing all of my AP scores come back because I can see how well prepared my students were for the exam.

Other interests?:
I love studying history and reading a good historical novel.  I also coach at Hart Middle School and, as my picture shows, I love Duke basketball.  Coach K and the USA Olympic Team brought home the GOLD!!