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Walk-Through Registration
2018 - 2019
Registration will be online again this year, though students and parents will still have to go to Walk-Through Registration to complete the process and get school photos taken. You may start online registration as early as August 1st.  Here's how it works - the 3 steps to Registration:
Step 1:  Login to FutureFund Registration at https://foothill.futurefundapp.com/ to:

  • Receive important information specific to Foothill High School
  • Customize how your information will appear in the online school directory
  • Take care of school purchases such as parking permits and ASB stickers
  • Donate to the non-profit organizations that help support our school
  • Sign up for volunteer activities, newsletters, and distribution lists

Remember to print your Registration Receipt and any other documents you will need to turn in at Walk-Through Registration. 


Step 2: Next, login to “Q” ParentConnection to:

  • Review and electronically sign district-required documents
  • Update Emergency Contact information for each of your students
You will see a link to "Q" after you have completed FutureFund Registration.
Log in and click on the blue "Registration/Emergency Info" link at the upper-right corner.
After you’ve completed the online process for each of your students, print the confirmation page with the "Student" section expanded so it appears on the print-out. 
Bring the Q confirmation page (one for each student)  with you to Walk-Through Registration.
Step 3: Bring the following to Walk-Through Registration on August 6 or 7:
1. A printed copy of the FutureFund Registration Receipt from Step 1
2. A printed copy of the "Q" Confirmation page from within Q  (one for each student) with the "Student" section expanded.
(There is no confirmation email as in past years).
3. Two (2) current Proof of Residency documents plus any other documents you need to turn in
Bring several checks or cash in case you need to clear a library encumbrance or wish to donate or make purchases from any of the various booster and student groups (such as ASB who will be selling class shirts) at Walk-Through. Most are not set up to accept credit cards.
Walk-Through Registration starts in the Small Gym. However, if you do not bring printed copies of your FutureFund receipt and Q confirmation, you should go to the Library first where computers and printers will be available for you to register and/or print copies, then bring them with you to the Small Gym.
Students will then proceed to the Multi-Purpose (MP) room for student ID photos and class schedules. To order photos, click here for a printable order form  or order online at  https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000636427#products 
Students can only request schedule changes at Walk-Through and during the 1st week of school if they are in the wrong level of a class (such as Spanish 3 instead of Spanish 2), missing a period altogether, or missing a graduation/college requirement. The 2nd week of school, students can request all other changes.
If you are completing outside coursework in the summer and need to provide proof of completion, we recommend you bring an official transcript (in an unopened envelope) to Walk-Through Registration
Walk-Through Registration

                     Monday, August 6              Tuesday, August 7
Last Names  A-B  Noon-1:30                    L-M  Noon-1:30
                     C-D  1:30-3                          N-R   1:30-3
                     E-H  3-4:30                          S-T   3-4:30
                     I-K  4:30-5:45                      U-Z   4:30-5:45
New-to-PUSD Orientation
for Parents and Students who are new to PUSD
When:        Monday, August 6th, 10 am - 11:30 am
Where:       Foothill Library
Freshmen and New Student Orientation
for all Students who are new to Foothill
When:        Wednesday, August 8th, 10 am - 12 pm
Where:       Large Gym
Make Up Walk-Through Registration
When:        Friday, August 10th, 11 am - 2 pm
Where:       In front of Admin Office
First Day of School
Monday, August 13th
Click here for 2018-19 Bell Schedule