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ROP Class Information

ROP Class Information


What is ROP?

The Tri-Valley Regional Occupation Program provides career and technical education to the Pleasanton, Dublin, and Livermore Unified School Districts and the community at large, since 1972.  Courses are held on high school campuses in the Dublin, Livermore Valley Joint, and Pleasanton unified school districts and other specified locations. 

A number of TVROP courses include work-based learning internships.  Lessons and activities are designed to build self-confidence, to motivate and engage students, and to teach work ethics as well as technical skills.  ROP provides a connection between high school, continuing education and career.  Our classes support and guide the development of life and career skills valued by business, industry, colleges, and society.  We are committed to continuous program improvement, responsive to the changing needs of students, employers, and industry.

Why take an ROP Course?

Experience is the best teacher.  ROP can help students get the experience they need to get the job they choose and helps update existing skills or provide training in a new field.  ROP prepares students to obtain jobs to support the ever-increasing costs of college and promotes further advanced education in particular career areas. 

How do I enroll? Am I eligible?

High School Students register for ROP classes at their high school campuses, just as they would register for any class on the campus.  ROP courses are open to all high school students, ages 16 years and older. 

Can I earn high school credits for an ROP class?

Yes. Upon successful completion of an ROP course, credits and grades may be issued and applied toward high school graduation.

Why should I take an ROP class if I'm going to college?

Whether a student plans to go to a university, college, or directly into the workforce, effective job skills and experience are an asset.  ROP courses may give students an edge in obtaining entrance into a variety of related college and university majors.  Tri-Valley ROP has agreements with Las Positas College in Livermore and Chabot College in Hayward which permit students who have successfully completed selected courses to receive college credits and to enroll in training at the community college without having to repeat previously covered material.  In most cases, these credits are transferrable to four-year colleges. 

Can I attend an ROP class that is not on my home campus?

Because Tri-Valley ROP is a regional education organization, students are welcome to take an ROP class on any campus or industry site.  Some classes have students attending from all five of our feeder comprehensive high schools.


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