Student E-Portfolio

Student E-Portfolio
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What is a Student Portfolio?

A portfolio is a presentation of your best work and demonstration of your skills. Portfolios can be used when applying for internships and jobs, or scholarships or college. You may even have classes in which a portfolio, or e-portfolio, is required.

Web portfolios allow you to showcase your work and skills online for an employer, client, or class. Creating a professional web portfolio (a.k.a online portfolio, digital portfolio, or e-portfolio) with your best work is a best practice to show off your skills and talents. Creating a web portfolio (and/or demo reel) is essential for success in the creative industries.
Things that might be included in a high school Student E-Portfolio:
  • Introduction
  • Personal Statement/ Reflection Essay
  • Brag Sheet
  • Resume
  • Honors/ Awards/ Proof of Training
  • Samples of Best Work
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Goals for the Future
  • Plus any other tabs that you think should be included in your e-portfolio
View a sample high school e-portfolio which includes the sections above and explanations on what to include for each section HERE
Here's how to use this template as a basis to create your own e-portfolio:
  • Login to your Google Account.
  • Select Google Apps - Click the Google Apps icon Google Apps 2.jpgon the top right of your page to access icons to all of your apps.
  • Click on the Sites icon: 
  • Click on "Create"
  • Click "Browse the Gallery for more"
  • Search for the template "High School Sample Portfolio" from the sites template gallery.
    • Click Schools & Education
    • Type "High School Sample Portfolio" in search bar
  • Click on the template and then click the "Select" button on the bottom left hand side of the page.
  • From here you will be asked to create a name for your portfolio. Follow the directions then begin editing the template to meet your personal needs.