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Dress Code for Dances

Dress code for formal dances will be modified from the dress code for the normal school day.

Ladies: Clothing must be appropriate for a school dance. Skirts must be to the tips of the fingers when standing normally including any slit in the skirt, as in the district dress code. Spaghetti straps, strapless or halter tops will be acceptable, providing that the drop of the neck is at or above the middle of the breastline.

Generally material should cover the midriff. Styles that would be appropriate for other occasions, such as “Dancing with the Stars” costumes, are not acceptable for formal dances. There should be at least 4 inches of material across the front of the midriff. The side of the midriff may be open with cutouts as long as the center of the midriff is covered. Bodice and skirts must touch when standing normally with arms at the side. No see through material may be used to comply with these requirements.

Backless dresses dropping to the natural waistline are acceptable.

Gentlemen: Must wear slacks and a buttoned dress shirt at all times.
Inappropriate attire may be grounds for dismissal from formal dances.

If you have a question whether your outfit is appropriate or not, please make arrangements to bring it by the office for administrator approval.