Graduation Day Info

Friday, June 3, 2022
Gates open at 4:15pm
Ceremony starts at 5pm
Ceremony will conclude between 6:30-7pm
UPDATE: Information has been added about graduation wristband ("Ticket" distribution) and the requirement for all seniors to have turned in books, chromebooks, and cleared all debts before getting their wristbands.
We are excited to return to a "normal" format and to celebrate with you all!

We will provide details for seniors on what to do graduation night via an Access period virtual presentation in May. There will not be an in-person graduation practice.

We are seeking a student speaker for graduation.  If you are interested, please complete this form and email Ms. Friesen a draft by 4/15/22.

Fill out this google form if requesting a special needs seating arrangement (wheelchair, cannot walk down the stairs, etc.).  There will be room for up to one person with special needs and one caregiver to sit with them allotted for each request.  Please note that these seats will be at the top of the stadium and many may be in the sun, as there is little shade in the bleachers.
Each senior will receive 6 graduation wristbands upon checkout - one for each guest.  Checkout requires that they turn in their district chromebook to our tech office and all books to their teachers the week before graduation.  Seniors can give wristbands to other seniors if they do not need them, but seniors will not be provided with more than 6 wristbands.  The ceremony will be livestreamed for anyone to watch from the comfort of their own home.

Parking will be extremely limited on graduation night.  We will clear the parking lot at 1pm and gates will reopen at 4pm for parking.  If you are bringing a guest who cannot easily walk to the stadium and they have a limited mobility parking pass, please bring that so you can use our disabled parking slots.  Each family is asked to bring only one car to graduation, as we do not have enough parking slots for more than one car per family.  Please plan to carpool and be respectful if parking in neighboring streets.

A Google form will be sent to seniors after Spring Break with a list of staff who are available to select from as to who will read your name at graduation.  Please watch your email for the form and deadline.

Diplomas will be mailed to all graduating seniors the week after graduation, provided they passed all required classes and cleared any fines.  Please make sure your home address is accurate in Q now.

If you qualify for a graduation cord through a club or program, your club advisor or department chair will be arranging a pick-up time.  This includes the Seal of Biliteracy cords, which will be distributed by the World Language department.
Just a reminder that all seniors must turn in proof of senior service hours by May 1, 2022 in order to walk in our graduation ceremony.  All seniors have been added to our Class of 2022 Community Service Google Classroom, where they submit their proof of hours.  Working during Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 also counts, if you upload paystubs indicating 20 hours and block any personal information before uploading.

All seniors can retrieve their 6 wristbands (for their guests - like tickets) at the following times.  They can come at a time that works for them, but they MUST have already made sure they do not have any debts (emails about account balances for books, etc. will be sent by VP Amber Carrion) and that their chromebook is turned in.  If you have any books, calculators, etc. from the past that you are no longer using, please scan those into the teacher you got those from now.  The more you can turn in now, the better.  Wristbands will be distributed outside of the office at the following times:

Wednesday, June 1:

Thursday, June 2: