Mandatory Senior Clearance & Final Senior Transcripts

Mandatory Senior Clearance

When: May 31, 2019
Time:  9:45 - 12:00 pm
Location: Foothill High School
Teachers will discuss graduation procedures and expectations in class. Seniors will be given senior checkout forms. During the last week of school, as seniors complete finals and turn in textbooks, each teacher will sign the clearance form to verify the student is cleared from that class.
Before the last day of school, May 31st, seniors are responsible for getting a signature from a library staff member verifying that all borrowed library materials have been returned or paid for.
A completed senior checkout form is required from each graduating senior. 
All outstanding debts must be paid or materials returned before May 31st.
Students should contact the appropriate people to clear all debts:
  • Textbooks -- Gretchen Piscotty in the front office
  • Lunch -- Sheri Ramsell in the cafeteria
  • Library -- library staff
All seniors -- with their senior checkout forms -- must report to the the main office on May 31st.  Once paperwork is completed and seniors are cleared of all outstanding debts, they will receive their six graduation ceremony tickets.

Final Senior Transcripts
  • Seniors will get a senior checkout form in class
  • Once seniors have that form, they can go to the counseling office to sign the final transcript log. Do not wait. Sign the log right away.
  • All seniors must sign the log, even if they do not need a transcript.  Select "no transcript needed".
  • Students will note on log "Naviance" (includes Common App), "Paper transcript needed" or "No transcript needed."
  • Students who need a transcript must bring an addressed business envelope with one U.S. stamp on it. The student store will sell an envelope and stamp for 75 cents.
  • The return address must include the student's name only. The Foothill address will be added.
  • Students attending a common app or Naviance college do not need to request a printed transcript. Common app and Naviance students must still sign the transcript log.
Please note that the transcript process can be done BEFORE the last day of school. Do not wait to get it done. Do it as soon as senior checkout forms are handed out.

Transcripts will be marked GRADUATED around May 31st.  All transcripts will be processed and mailed approximately two weeks after graduation.  Transcripts for the NCAA will be uploaded to the NCAA website after transcripts are marked GRADUATED.