Senior Information » Baccalaureate


What: Senior Baccalaureate

When: Sunday, May 19th

Time:  3:00 pm (Students please arrive 15 min early to line up for procession)

Where:  Valley Community Church (VCC)  4455 Del Valle Parkway, Pleasanton

Chairperson: Renee Mahdavi 


Seniors and their families are invited to attend Baccalaureate, a non-denominational, inspirational and voluntary senior celebration of graduation. The ceremony offers a quiet, intimate opportunity to pause and reflect on this rite of passage. You'll hear faculty members and other speakers offer advice to graduating seniors and enjoy students' musical talents, readings and a memorable slide presentation -- all coordinated by seniors and their parents.


---Students should wear their graduation gowns (no graduation caps)



There will be a slide show of seniors who attend. 

The slide show will feature two photos and the student's name. 

Their will be one slide per Senior.

The slide will have side-by-side photos of your senior ~ graduation photo & a photo around Kindergarten age.

  • Senior yearbook picture, provided to us by Studio One Photography
  • Kindergarten photo (or around Kindergarten age), provided by parents of students attending.
    • The focus will be on head shots
    • No group photos
    • Pictures may not be larger than 8x10 or smaller than 2x3


  • Scan your photo 
  • MUST be jpg NOT a pdf file
  • Save with filename:  LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (ex: Washington, George)
  • Send as an email 
    • Student's Last Name, First Name, student ID# in the subject line
    • Email to:  Susan Weiglein
    • Please submit your photos as soon as possible.




*Note that this is not a PUSD sponsored event  - it is sponsored by our Parent Senior Activities Committee