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Social Studies Department

Welcome to the Social Studies Department at Foothill High School!

Course Offerings:

Required Courses for Graduation

Honors or AP Equivalent Courses Offered

Year Taken

Global Studies (1 semester)


Honors Global Studies (1 sem)

9th grade

World History


Honors World History

AP World History

10th grade

U.S. History

AP US History

11th grade

U.S Government / Economics

(Both are semester classes)

AP Government

AP Economics

We The People

12th grade


Elective Course Offerings


Years Offered

AP Psychology

11, 12

AP Human Geography

10, 11, 12

Check out the CITIZENSHIP ACADEMY! With a heavy emphasis on academics in the social sciences, students will be able to explore this discipline all four years, learn more about various career pathways, and seek out clubs and service learning opportunities throughout their high school years.