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Recommended Calculators

With implementation of Common Core State Standard of Mathematics, all math courses require the use of graphing calculators. Students will need a graphing calculator for both in class assignments and homework. Students that are unable to provide their own graphing calculator may ask their teacher about checking out a calculator for the year.
Required in all math courses: Any graphing calculator
Recommended brands/models: Any of the Texas Instruments TI-84 models (84 +, 84 CE, 84 silver, etc.). TI-Inspire CAS is also fine for all classes but is a little more difficult to use.
Students may also use an online graphing calculator such as on any computer, phone or tablet for completing assignments, however web-enabled devices will not be permitted during formal assessments (tests, quizzes and standardized tests).
*The TI-84 will be more than sufficient for all courses through AP Calculus and AP Statistics