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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I change my schedule?
Schedule changes during the first week of each semester are reserved for students in need of a class to meet a graduation requirement , who have a missing class period, or who are misplaced (ex: Spanish II instead of Spanish III). Students can request to change anything else on a space available basis for the second week of each semester (except honors, AP, or level change requests). See schedule change form for complete policy. All changes after the second week and all AP/honors changes must have administrative approval.
Do I need to make an appointment to see my counselor?
No, you do not need to make an appointment to see your counselor. We make every effort to create an open door policy in our department and encourage you to come by before school, at lunch, or after school. However, there may be times when your counselor is unavailable and may not meet with you at your selected drop-in time. For these purposes we have request forms in the counseling office where you can sign up for an appointment to see your counselor.

Counselors are unable to process your request until they receive all the required documentation.

What goes on my transcript?

All courses taken, that are offered through the Foothill Scheduling Handbook will appear on your transcript. You will receive 5 credts for each class you pass with a D- or better. All grades including F’s will appear on your transcript. If you retake a course that you received a D or F in, the original grade will still show on your transcript, however the retake will show as a replacement grade. Courses that you take outside of school, either online or at a community college will ONLY be added to your high school transcript for the following reasons, and only if UC approved:

1) to meet a minimum graduation requirement

2) to meet a minimum A-G eligibility requirement.

You may take additional courses if you so choose, however classes taken for any other reason than listed above will not be added to your FHS transcript. Questions? Please review information provided under the "Online and Non-PUSD Courses" tab here.