Welcome Seniors!

This page was designed especially for you to provide resources and information to support you through the college application process.  Counselors will be meeting individually with all seniors and during Flex in the fall to discuss post-high school plans and review the college application process.  Seniors applying to four-year colleges will be given an envelope with various resources that are shared below.  Students applying ONLY to University of California (UC) and California State Universities (CSU) will NOT need to return envelopes to their counselor unless they decide to apply to a private or out-of-state colleges at a later date.  Students on track for graduation and/or two-year colleges will also NOT require an envelope but many resources will still be shared during their senior meeting.  We look forward to helping all students prepare and successfully reach their post-high school goals!  

Senior Meeting Breakdown

All seniors will be meeting with their counselor to discuss their post-high school plans.  All seniors will also be updating Naviance with the college(s), both 2-year and 4-year colleges, that they will be applying to on the "Colleges I'm Applying to" tab.  This both helps counselors track the colleges that students are planning to apply to as well as link students by email with events related to their college(s) of choice in the Career Center.  We recommend seniors reviews the materials below before their senior meeting to make sure all their questions are answered.

Private and Out-of-State Colleges 

Students applying to private or out-of-state colleges must return the manila envelope to your counselor at least TWO WEEKS before the first application deadline, NOT including holidays.  A few other reminders to note:
  • Please review "Private and Out-of-State Checklist" (see above) to ensure College Packet is complete. 
  • REMEMBER to ask teachers for letters of recommendation well in advance of deadlines (two weeks or more) to ensure there is plenty of time to complete and to make sure they are able to write a letter since many teachers have a limit to how many letters of recommendations they write each year.  
  • Completed College Packets will include:
    - Brag Sheet (fillable form available above but need to print for packet)
    - FHS Secondary School Report (fillable form available above but need to print for packet)
    - For MAILERS ONLY: Include stamp-addressed envelope for EACH mailer.
    - For MAILERS ONLY: Request transcripts from Registrar for EACH mailer.
    - For COMMON APP ONLY: Requested counselor as Recommender.
    - For COMMON APP ONLY: Recommend checking waived FERPA rights.
    - Added ALL colleges applying to Naviance "Colleges I'm Applying to" list.
    - Listed colleges on College Application List with deadlines AND whether applying through Common App or not.
  • Counselors DO NOT work over holiday breaks so plan accordingly.  Keep track of deadlines to give private and out-of-state envelopes to counselors in a timely manner as listed below. 
      Oct 15th deadline - envelopes due Oct 1st
      Nov 1st deadline - envelopes due Oct 18th
      Nov 15th deadline - envelopes due Nov 1st
      Dec 1st deadline - envelopes due Nov 7th
      Dec 15th deadline - envelopes due Dec 2nd
      Jan 1st deadline - envelopes due Dec 9th
      Jan 15th deadline - envelopes due Dec 18th
      Feb 1st deadline - envelopes due Jan 17th

Community College

Attention all seniors applying to community college!  January/February is the season to start applying to community college.  However, keep in mind that Las Positas's application is now open in OCTOBER.  Some colleges have an early admission window so students can apply early, get requirements completed ahead of time (like taking placement tests for math and English), meet with a counselor for course guidance, and register earlier.  Also, there are over 100 community colleges throughout the state of California.  Attached is a resource for more information about benefits of community college, how to search for community colleges throughout the state, financial aid, majors, and transfer programs to UC, CSU, as well as private and out-of-state colleges

Free College Admission and Financial Aid Guide

Download this FREE college admission and financial aid guide from the Fair Opportunity Project.  See below.