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FHS Library Online Databases*

*Please see the student planner or ask your library staff for username/password for home access.

FHS library subscribes to excellent research databases that can be accessed from school or home through the Library home page. These are consistently reliable, teacher approved sources of trustworthy information for students.

Gale Student Resources in Context

ProQuest National Newspapers Core

ProQuest Research Library

SIRS Issues Researcher (part of the ProQuest database)

SIRS Discoverer (part of the ProQuest database)

CultureGrams Online (published by ProQuest)



ABC-CLIO World History (fhs/fhs)

ABC-CLIO American History (fhs/fhs)

ABC-CLIO Pop Culture Universe (fhs/fhs)

ABC-CLIO World Geography (fhs/fhs)


Britannica School (pleasanton/pusd)


Britannica School in Spanish (pleasanton/pusd)



To start using NoodleTools, users must click the REGISTER button. Unlike our other databases, when using this database even from FHS Library or Wi-Fi on campus, users will be prompted for the school/library subscription username/password: foothill (username) and foothill (password). Enter this username and password and follow the prompts to create your own account.


Citation Machine






For a brief description of the above databases, please see the PDF document on the right. This is a work-in-progress document.

Last update: February 19, 2019