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Save to Server

How to access the server from a school PC:

Login using your last name and first initial (no spaces) example: smithm

Open “My computer” icon which is either on your desktop or go to start: then scroll up to my computer.

Select the “H” drive that shows your name associated to it. This is your personal folder for you to save all your work.

The second drive “N”, is how you get to your web folder.
Scroll to fhsweb folder
Scroll to your name folder
Open folder to find your files.

How to connect to the server using your School Mac OS 10+:

On the desktop select "Go"

Scroll to "connect to server"
Choose "browse"

Under favorite servers type "Foothillpusd" and hit "enter"

Sign in with user as last name first initial (no spaces please) example: smithm
Then your Password

Hit "OK" for foothilldata

Now open the icon server called foothilldata located on your desktop Scroll to user folder
Scroll to your name folder

Be sure to log off when done by dragging icon server to trash.