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Mac Tips

Mac Tips for Survival

Running with Extensions off
If your computer doesn't boot up, try restarting holding the shift key down. This will turn off the extensions What this means is the computer will boot up with the least amount of extensions running (CD ROM, zip drive, network connections). If this works then you can run other virus scanner. You can also run the scanner and try and fix the hard drive, or remove items you may have downloaded that caused errors. After you finish trouble shooting, restart and see if it boots up with the happy face again.

Re-Setting the Pram
This operation helps to reset the pram. Restart the computer and hold
down (all at the same time) the keys, "p + r + apple + control". Listen for the
chime three to four times then let go and watch it boot up. Sometimes this
will correct the problem.

Re-Installing the Operating System
You would do this if your computer shows many errors, doesn't boot up at all, continually crashes for no apparent reason, etc... Put the operating
CD that came with your system in the drive. Restart the system holding
down the "C" key. The system will boot showing a background of blue CD's.
You are now running the operating CD. Now, double click the installs
icon. Go to options and choose clean install. This will rewrite over your
previous system and NOT delete any of your file. Re-installing will take
several minutes, so be patient. When the installation is completed,
restart the system and slide the CD to the trash bin to eject your CD.