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PC Tips

PC Tips for Survival

If your PC seems to be running slow here are some tips to help speed it up!

Disk Cleanup
Open "my computer" and right click on the "C" drive, hit "disk clean up". A box will pop up. Check all the areas that show files. It will clean up all the files such as downloaded problem files, recycle bin, temporary Internet files, etc...

Scan Disk
For Window 2000 and XP. Run the scan disk program once a month to clean up your hard drive.To do this: Go to "my computer" and open to show your drives. Right click on the "C" drive, and scroll to "Properties". Tab to tools, and then click on "error checking" tab. Let it run.

This is used with all PC platforms. Run this one a month. Follow the directions as above but select defragmenter instead of disk error checking.

Run Windows update Weekly link.

Do not have a computer tower sitting on the floor where dust, spiders, kicking feet etc...
Keep towers free from hazards. Dust is the number on killer of machines. The power fan seem to attract dust. When dust builds up inside, the machine tends to warm up too much, and you'll begin to hear the fan spinning louder and louder. As long as the fan is spinning even though it may be loud it is cooling off the machine. But if you continue to use the machine with non working fans, you will burn out your system.

Q: How do I shutting down the proper way?
A: If you are done working with the computer and you want to shut down, go to start, shut down. When the screen says "it is safe to shut off the computer" then you can hit the button on the from panel. Some Windows 98SE hang sup at shut down. There is a patch for this problem follow this link.

Q: But what happens when the computer freezes in the middle of work?
A: Hopefully you have saved your work. If the computer is frozen, hold down, at the same time,"Cltr", "Alt", "Delete" buttons. A window will pop up (hopefully) it will allow you to click "end task". A second window will pop up and ask the same thing. Click "end task" again. This will shut down the program you are having trouble with. You can go aback to the program by going to recent documents from the start button. This will bring up your work once again.

Q: What if I try this and it still doesn't work?
A: Hit the reset button. If that doesn't work you can shut off the computer by using the power button, or the switch in the back of the computer. Make sure you hold down the button until it does shut down. This is a force quite.

Q: Upgrade my machine?
A: If you have only 64 MB of RAM or less, this is the number one necessity for a machine. Minimum should be 256 if your machine can handle it.

Q: How about a second hard drive?
A: Keep the C drive clear of clutter by storing games, programs and pictures on another drive or a second partition on a large drive.