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Dance Ticket Policy

Dance Ticket Sales Policy

Tickets will be on sale

  • Lunch and after school on Monday
  • Tuesday – Friday, tickets will be on sale before school, at lunch and after school.
  • Ticket windows will ALWAYS CLOSE 5 minutes prior to the first bell in the morning, 5 minutes prior to the end-of-lunch bell at lunchtime and at 3:55 p.m. after school.

Ticket price:

  • $5 with ASB Sticker - Students MUST show their ID card, with sticker, to receive the ASB sticker discount. Students who claim to have a sticker, but unable to show ID card, will be charged $10.
  • $10 without ASB sticker, without an ID card, and non-Foothill student guests.


  • A completed Dance Guest Pass must be turned in at the time of purchasing a ticket for a non-Foothill student.

Outstanding school debits:

  • Tickets will NOT be sold to anyone with an outstanding school debt. Make sure your debits are cleared BEFORE you purchase your ticket.

School ID Cards will be required to enter the dance.

  • Lost ID cards CANNOT be produced after school on the day of the dance. If you've lost your ID card, make sure to order a new one, through the main office, before the day of the dance. ID replacement cards cost $10.