Club Info & Applications

We have created a new Website where you can find all information on the various Clubs we offer
For a complete list of the clubs, see PDF file to the left.
Updates as of 2/11/21:
  • New Club Admin Gmail:
    • The new email is shared by all club admin, so you will be reaching everyone using this one email.
  • New Club Admin: Mr. Viviani:
    • Phase 1 Paperwork will be available on the Club Website
    • New / Renewing Clubs must complete the Phase 1 Paperwork to be considered for club membership in the 2021-2022 school year.
Foothill Clubs 
TO HELP YOU START PLANNING, please review the steps below. Please note, all forms will be located on the new club website - coming soon!
Step 1:
Create an idea for a club, and find a staff member to advise your club. Please note: Parents and guardians may act as assistant advisors when we return to campus, but must be cleared and fingerprinted through the district, before being added to the club's record of advisors. When we are remote, parents and guardians will not be able to act as assistant advisors (if this changes per district guidelines, we will update).
Step 2:
Fill out all of the following forms, and submit to the club gmail. (Due date will be posted once forms have been released).
  • "FHS New or Renewal Club Application"
  • "Standards of Conduct for Club Advisors"
  • "FHS Club Compliance Requirements"
  • *NEW* "Detailed Club Summary" (this is your opportunity to tell us everything we need to know about who you are and what you do – 1 paragraph minimum, 1 page maximum. This will help us in our approval process.)
  • *NEW* "Proposed Club Master Calendar"
  • If applicable: Copy of previous Chapter Certification
Step 3:
Wait for approval! Our ASB Council must vote on each club that applies for a club position.
  • If we have duplicate clubs, we will be calling in each of the groups to discuss the possibility of merging. If you are called in, you must attend the meeting. Failure to attend will result in the disbanding of the club.
Step 4:
If your club is approved, please submit all of the following paperwork to the club gmail.
  • "Club Checklist – Paperwork Round 2"
  • "Club Officer Form"
  • "Club Constitution" (Please see the new PDF for details on how to write your own constitution)
  • If applicable: PO for Annual Chapter Dues (with club vote documented)
  • If applicable: Copy of new Chapter Certification
Step 5:
If ANYTHING changes with your club, you must submit the "FHS Change Of Club Information Form" with the appropriate changes and signatures, to the club gmail. These changes include:
  • Change of Advisor
  • Change of Club Name
  • Change of Club Officers
  • Change of Contact Information
Other Important Reminders:
  • Throughout the year, check your club specific Gmail account for emails regarding club meetings, fundraising events, and other important announcements.
  • Your club MUST have a staff advisor. Staff members are encouraged to only advise one club at a time.
    • If you would like to use an adult outside of Foothill as an assistant advisor, please pick up a "Volunteer Clearance Form" from the office, near Mrs. Colon's desk. This adult must be cleared and fingerprinted through the district to advise your club meetings and events. You must also complete the "Assistant Club Advisor Form." This process can take a while, so please do this early.
    • Please note: while we are remote, we cannot clear any volunteers. If district changes this, we will update.