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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a physical every year?
Every student participating in sports for Foothill needs a completed physical release form EACH YEAR. If you have one in the summer, then it is good for the entire school year. If you have one during the school year, it expires on that day and a new one must be completed.

How do I sign my student up for a sport?
Every season (fall, winter, spring), we hold a sports meeting. The entire sports packet is now available on the Foothill website. It is strongly recommended that you submit your completed sports packet one week before tryouts begin for each season. The physical release form is also available online.

All of the forms in the sports packet must be completed and turned back into the office before tryouts begins. Your student will NOT be allowed to participate in tryouts until all forms are completed. If you participate in a 2nd and / or 3rd sport, only 2 items are required to be submitted:
  • Emergency Information Form fully competed, sign and dated. Submit to the office.
  • Contribution amount requested by the particular sport. Check may be made to Foothill High School.
  • Insurance Information Form ONLY if your insurance coverage has changed, you will need to submit a new Insurance Information Form.
How do I find information on a particular sport?
All of the information you need should be on the Foothill website.

Who is the athletic director at Foothill High School?
Dusty Collins is the athletic director -- [email protected]
I cannot find my answer here. Whom can I call?
Colleen McDonough, athletics coordinator -- 461-6622 or [email protected]