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Athletic Clearance (aka The Sports Packet)

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Athletic Clearance Process (formerly known as the Sports Packet)

In order to be cleared for participation in sports at Foothill, a sports clearance packet must be completed before an athlete can be involved in any athletic activity, including tryouts/practice.

Your Athlete will only be cleared for the current season’s sport (Fall, Winter, or Spring). If your athlete would like to do another sport in one of the following seasons, he/she will need to go through the online process again.  **Due to the altered sports season in the 20-21 school year, all sports are have been opened in the Athletic Clearance Program and are available to register in.**

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Parents must register their student-athlete online through before a student can try out, practice or play for a sport.  Please be complete when you register as you will be cleared or not cleared according to the information you provided.
  • A current physical must be uploaded. The Physical Form is attached as a PDF to this page. Your athlete's physical is only good for one year from the date of the exam.  (Remember – each physical form needs to be signed and stamped by your physician to be deemed valid. Also, if the physical will expire during the athlete's season please make an appointment for a new physical exam so your athlete does not miss any practice or playing time). **At this time we will no longer accept expired physicals.** 
  • Once cleared, the online program will send them a confirmation indicating their athlete is eligible for tryouts/practice and that information will be shared with the coaching staff. 
  • Fair Share Donations can be done on-line via the Athletic Clearance site. Closer to school beginning, we will also include other possible tools to donate to our self-funded athletic program.
  • Please note - there is not a need to bring in any paper copies of the physical, emergency card or confirmation as has been done in the past.