Foothill Wrestling

Welcome to Foothill Wrestling

We have a proud tradition of wrestling here at Foothill and are glad you have decided to join this group of young men and women who are passionate about the sport of wrestling.  Wrestling is a great sport, regardless of your height or weight, everybody can do it. It helps young people develop important qualities such as self-esteem, work ethic, and sportsmanship.  Wrestlers compete as individuals, yet the sport builds camaraderie like no other.
All wrestlers please start working on your athletic packets and start scheduling an appointment for physicals so right when season starts everyone is cleared.  
This is the website to fill out your sports packet online. 
Season starts 11/1/22 Practices times are 6pm-8pm M-Fri!
Foothill's 2022-2023 Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: (Var,Jv,Girls)  Justin Phillips       [email protected]
              Asst Coach:  (Jv)   Lance Johnson 
              Asst Coach:  (Jv)   Luke Hazen
              Asst Coach:  (Jv)   Ruby Duncan

Go Falcons!

Make sure you are getting information!

First day of practice is(11/1/2022)  Weekly emails will begin on (11/1/22) with information from the coaches, what the week is looking like, and other team information. Please send an email to  [email protected] with your information (parents/guardian names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails and the wrestler's name and contact information, phone, and email) for each wrestler. We will also set up group texts for wrestlers and parents in case of last minute changes and tournament updates during the season.
Wrestling Gear 
Required gear for practices are: headgear, mouth-guard, (2) long-sleeve shirts, sweat-pants (no zippers or buttons), wrestling shoes, water bottle, and running shoes.