The FHS Falcon Football Program provides a competitive program at all levels of play.  Since 1986, the Falcons have laid claim to thirteen championships and four North coast Section (NCS) titles.

For over a quarter century, the players followed the leadership of Matt Sweeney, and now Head Football Coach, Greg Haubner, looks to continue that level of excellence with a dual purpose of BAM (Be A Man - building young men) and BATTLE!  BAM is the who and what we are, and BATTLE is what we do! 




This page will be updated regularly.   Please check back often.

Practices / Workouts (subject to change due to weather and air quality)

Varsity: 3:00 to 4:15 Tuesday - Thursday

Freshmen / JV: 4:15 to 5:30 Tuesday - Thursday

*Remote workouts on Mondays

Head Football Coach Greg Haubner will be running workouts.  For questions, please contact him at

Freshmen & Sophomores: Coach Chandler at 


II. FOOTBALL REGISTRATION: In order to participate in the coming 2020 football season, each player must complete the following registration packet online.  A $462 fair share donation is requested.


Due to our limited fundraising ability, everyone's Fair Share Donations are more important than ever.  Please make sure to add your donation when you register.

We are looking for fundraising ideas, especially larger-scale fundraisers.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to hold our traditional fundraisers, including the BBQ Silent Auction and the Lift-a-Thon.   Please contact Elaine Lombardi with suggestions! 


III. Parent Support and Volunteering: There are several parent roles that need to be filled for each of our three levels.

  1. Team Parent: 1- 2 per team
  2. Pasta Feed Helpers: Several are needed per team
  3. Chain Gang: 3-4 people per team
  4. Game Video Recording: 2 person job per team
  5. Fundraising Coordinator: 1-3 Person Job for the program
  6. Friday Night Lights Coordinator: will need an additional 3-4 helpers for production of pictures, fundraising and production of paper program sold at FHS Football Games. 

Volunteer Drivers: several needed for each level.  We need drivers for all 5 of our away games (schedule is below for specific dates). 


Facebook Page:

MAX PREPS LINK for the 2020 season:

Game Schedule: (Subject to Change)  Please note: Frosh Team plays same teams Thursday nights at opposite (home vs away) location.,ca)/football/schedule.htm

Other Important Dates

*No practice June 26-July 5th for the 4th of July.

*No practice July 17-August 2nd 

*August 3rd: Season Begins; Practice times TBA





Head Football Coach:   Greg Haubner

Varsity Co-Team Parent: Elaine Lombardi

Varsity Co-Team Parent:  Suzanne Schillaci

2020 JV TEAM:

JV Head Football Coach:  Greg Chandler

JV Team Parent:   YOUR NAME HERE!  Contact Elaine or Suzanne if Interested

JV Team Page (Coming soon!)


Frosh Head Football Coach:  Mike Marsh

Frosh Team Parent:  YOUR NAME HERE!  Contact Eliane or Suzanne if interested

Freshmen Team Page (Coming soon!)


(Updated  June, 10 2020)