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FAQ's 2021

FAQ's About FHS Cross Country 2021
Is Summer Running required? - NO. That said I cannot recommend it highly enough. Time Trials and meets start right away. Our athletes MUST be ready to compete. The three most important words in a successful Cross Country season are : June, July and August.
When are practices? - XC Practices are every day after school during the season (August 17th- November 27th- if athletes achieve the State Meet).
Can an athlete miss practice?- Yes, kids are people. They get sick, they have important life events, things get messy. The important thing is to communicate with your coaches. Excused absences? I can work with. Unexcused absences? Then we have a problem. Unexcused absences will lead to benching, loss of varsity status, or removal from the squad.
When are practices over? I try to end practice by 5:45-6pm. We work HARD, but we are not nuts. I believe, as a FHS mom myself, that kids need time to eat dinner with their families, get homework done, and have some time to Snapchat friends. It's all about balance.
How do I get cleared to run Cross Country? Please see the FHS website. Look under Athletics then Athletic Clearance
Can my athlete maintain an outside sport? Yes. Again communication is key. However, so long as the athlete is organized and focused, I am happy to work around another sport. That said, when they are at XC- they are FOCUSED on XC!!!
Do you recommend private coaching?  NO. Per CIF/NCS rules no private coaches may interfere or be involved in athletes during the season. Consultation with, participation with, or receiving coaching from a private coach may be grounds for benching and/or removal from the team. You're a Falcon or you're something else. It's your choice. Please do NOT put me or Coach Decker in the position of deciding for you.
Do you cut athletes? XC is a no cut sport. There is a place for everyone who wants to do the work. We are a team of very different individuals. Quirky is our tribe. People join for different reasons. I hope and try to provide a place for the serious athlete and the lovely person who just wants to find her/his people. Hopefully, if all goes well, 40 years from now your athlete will still love running- with a pair of shoes and a trail this will all still be there for them. As it is for me.
How do we get uniforms? The athletes buy their uniforms. Watch the website for details regarding how to purchase your uniform. We will be running an online store where families can purchase uniforms.
Are you changing uniforms this year? NO. Uniforms and Warm-ups will remain the same, but each year we do add new parent gear and fun spirit wear options.
Can my athlete go to all the meets? The answer is... it depends. Many races have a cap on the number of athletes I can bring. If there is room? I'll bring them all. I'm always looking for ways to include more athletes. I try to mix fun, local races with prestigious races that college scouts will be looking at. I need to serve the casual runner and help elevate my elite runners.
As a parent- how can I help? Please, please, please- make your suggested donation!!! The program needs your financial support!!! Come out- CHEER! Volunteer!!! Please come and help and meet your running community- the other lovely parents who are just like YOU!!!
I am here for the athletes and for their families. I'm really never off duty. Please reach out. I'm here for you. Just know I'm not what you call a morning person. I'm best after noon and in the evenings. Basically, the only thing I get up early for...? Your kids. For them I'll get up at the crack of unholy dawn. LOL!!!
Welcome to Foothill Cross Country!!!