Distance (Remote) Learning Plans During School Dismissal

Due to the fact that Foothill High School is currently dismissed due to the strategy to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, teachers have worked to develop Distance (Remote) Learning Plans to communicate some of the key aspects of the remote learning.  These plans were shared out by teachers previously, but if there is a need to reference the Remote Learning Plans, they are linked below and can be found in alphabetical order by last name of the teacher.
Please reference the link below for all of the resources and information made available by the Foothill Counseling Staff
If you have any specific questions about the Distance (Remote) Learning Plan, please reach out to the teacher directly.  
Distance (Remote) Learning Plans:
Applin, Olivia (AVID 9, French I, III, and IV)
Asturias, Stephanie (Health and Child Growth and Development)
Bain, Gianna (Learning Lab)
Beckner, Katherine (Ceramics and Art)
Bisagno, Jessica (AP Calculus)
Brewster, Kate (English 11)
Clark, James (World History and Civics)
Cousens, Kristen (Spanish II and AP Spanish IV)
Cuozzo, Ken (Honors Human Body Systems and Principles of Biomedical Sciences)
Dalby, Dan (PreCalculus, Algebra II and Computer Science)
DeGiobbi, Donna (English 9 and Social Justice)
Detamore, Jeremy (World History)
Detamore, Jeremy (Honors World History)
Diehl, Tom (Japanese and US History)
Dolan, Jennifer (English 9 and English 10)
Evans, Jonathan (Geometry and Math II)
Fenton, Trish (Art and Digital Art)
Ferrell, Stephen (World History)
Fischel, Sally (Biology)
Fischel, Sally (Chemistry)
Fleming, Heather (World Literature and Expository Reading and Writing)
Friesen, Joseph (Chemistry, Principles of Engineering, and Digital Electronics)
Garcia, Francisco (Biology and Zoology)
Gilliland, Howard (ASL II, ASL III, and ASL IV)
Gregory, Kathryn (Spanish I and Spanish II)
Hansen, Sabrina (Chemistry)
Hill, Josh (Principles of Biomedical Sciences and Medical Interventions)
Holterhoff, Denise (SDC Moderate to Severe)
Howard, Brian (Academic Support, Math III, Algebra II)
Hujar, Allison (World History and Civics)
Jacobs, Kathleen (ASL I and ASL II)
Johnson, Gary (Intro to Engineering Design, Algebra II, and Honors Algebra II)
Jones, Chris (Biology and AP Environmental Science)
Juarez, Tom (Honors Pre-Calculus)
Jurich, Michelle (Global Studies)
Jurich, Michelle (Academic Support)
Keenan, Jeannine (English 9 and English 10)
Kloos, Rachael (English 9)
Kloos, Rachael (Learning Lab)
Leetch, Michelle (Algebra I)
Lewin, Steven (Math IV, Algebra II and Honors Algebra II)
Lipman, Megan (Biology)
Lipman, Zach (AP United States and AP Government)
Lobo, Lavina (Chemistry)
Martella, Monte (Algebra 1B)
Maurice, Karen (Spanish I and Spanish III)
McCrary, Paul (Life Science, Math, World History and Lab)
Mendonca, Nick (Pre-Calculus and Honors Geometry)
Middleton, David (AP Psychology)
Morris, Rochelle (Chemistry)
Morris, Rochelle (AP Chemistry)
Mueller, Robert (Honors Global Studies)
Mueller, Robert (Economics)
Nagle, Natalie (Honors English 11 and English 10)
Ochoa-Lionetti, Theresa (Math II and Geometry)
Pagtakhan, Erin (Honors English 10 and English 11)
Parrish, Nathan (AP Human Geography)
Parrish, Nathan (Global Studies)
Pastor, Sandra (Spanish II and Spanish III)
Pratt, Jorie (English 10, African American Lit, and ELD)
Raaker, Tami (ROP Integrated Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and Economics of Business Ownership)
Razi, Nadia (African American Literature and AVID)
Rea, Jonathan (Conceptual Physics)
Rea, Jonathan (Chemistry)
Rea, Jonathan (Physics)
Richey, Heather (Honors English 9)
Rozelle, Mary (AP Psychology)
Rozelle, Mary (AP United States History)
Shackelford, Brian (AP Statistics and Algebra II)
Stagnaro, Judy (English 11)
Sweeney, Matt (U.S. History and Global Studies)
Vandagriff, Amy (English 12, Algebra 1A and Learning Lab)
Van Diepen, Erin (Math, English, and Civics/Economics)
Von Transehe, Elizabeth (French II and AP French IV)
Vu, Nam-Chi (World History and U.S. History)