Extended Absences

Extended Absences (1-4 days)

If you know ahead of time that your student will be missing 1-4 days of school due to one of the following reasons, please complete a pre-approved absence form.

  • Appearance in court
  • Attendance at a funeral service
  • Employment interview or conference
  • Family necessity (non-vacation) of fewer than 5 days, provided the student makes up all the work missed during the absence
  • College visit
  • Other pre-approved justifiable reason (non-vacation) – could include DMV appointments


Download the pre-approved absence form (see below) or pick it up at the attendance office. The student is responsible for getting the form signed by a vice principal or principal. Administrators may be found every day out on campus during lunch. Forms are not to be dropped off without the signature. Completed and signed forms are to be turned in to the attendance office before the first day of the absence. The student will receive an approved absence for the days absent, and absences will not count toward truancy reports.