Senior Cut Day: Just Say No

Word has spread like wildfire on campus that Monday, June 1 will be senior cut day. Foothill DOES NOT sanction senior cut day. Students who cut school that day will be marked absent. More importantly, Foothill stands to lose tens of thousands of dollars if seniors cut school en masse on Monday.


There may have been a time when our school district was flush with money when senior cuts were all fun and games (but never, ever sanctioned). But in today’s severe economic climate, just one senior cut day could be disastrous for our school’s financial health.


An impromptu senior cut day organized by students last fall – NOT sanctioned by the school – cost Foothill about $15,000 when nearly 300 students simply did not show up for school. By comparison, it costs us $17,000 to stage senior graduation. That one cut day cost nearly as much as Foothill’s entire graduation ceremony.


Foothill loses $55 per student in state funding every time a student is absent, regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused. Either way, we take a $55 per student hit with each absence.


The math is simple. If all of Foothill’s 582 seniors cut class on Monday, our school will lose an incredible $32,010 in state funding. That is a massive financial hit that our school can sorely stand to suffer.


Our school district faces at least $8.7 million in budget cuts due to the state’s budget crisis. As the state’s financial picture worsens, so do the potential budget cuts our school faces. Foothill already stands to lose many good teachers and suffer larger class sizes next year due to pending budget cuts.


Please bear in mind that there are a mere two weeks left in this school year, even less if you consider the three half days. Seniors have many avenues for celebration – the senior ball, after-the-ball breakfast, barbecue & swim party, baccalaureate, graduation and, of course, Grad Night.


We implore parents to consider Foothill’s precarious financial situation and do the right thing – have your senior students show up for class on Monday, June 1.


We appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter.


Kia ora! (Be well)


John Dwyer



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