Students, get your Sharpies ready for this year's yearbooks, chockful of memories from this outstanding school year.
Seniors get the first glimpse of these highly coveted books when they get their yearbooks on Wednesday, June 3.
Everyone else gets their yearbooks on Thursday, June 4. It is optional for teachers to allow students to pick up yearbooks during English classes.
Students who do not get their yearbooks on June 4 can pick them up on Friday, June 5 or Monday, June 8 in Room D-19. Students can pick up yearbooks before school and at lunch both days, and after school on Friday. Do not interrupt class in D-19 at other times to get your yearbooks.
Please bring your registration form to verify your yearbook purchase. It's quick and easy to get your yearbook if you have this form. Students without this form can get their books, but it takes longer to verify purchase.
A limited number of yearbooks will be available for purchase after June 5. Yearbooks will be sold for $85, cash only
A note from yearbook adviser Lindsay Maher:
The yearbook is the end-product of a class at Foothill. I am proud of the hard work and commitment my students demonstrated all year long, trying to provide the Foothill community with the best yearbook. As in any class, students are bound to occasionally make mistakes. Please keep in mind that the students tried their very best. If there is a problem or concern, please contact Lindsay Maher at Please do not contact the students or interrupt class time to resolve yearbook concerns. We hope you will enjoy the book, which showcases the creativity and originality of our talented yearbook staff.