Spring is Testing Season

Spring has spring – and so has testing season! This year, as always, many different tests are scheduled for March, April and May.


Please remember these tips to help students perform their best on important exams:

·         Get a good night’s sleep before each test.

·         Eat a good breakfast the morning of each test.

·         Be on time for class. Arriving early will give you time to relax.

·         Listen carefully to the directions and follow them exactly. If you don’t understand what to do, ask the teacher to explain.

·         Do your best. You are not expected to know the answer to every question.

·         Don’t spend too much time on any one question. If you don’t know the answer, skip it and move on to the next question. Pace yourself so that you can come back to questions you skipped.

·         Easier questions are scattered throughout the test. Make sure you find all the questions for which you know the answer.

·         Keep up regular study habits, but don’t try to cram fort the test. It covers more school work than can be learned in a few hours.

·         RELAX! Students who are calm do better.


On March 17 and 18, the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) was given to all sophomores and some juniors who needed to pass one or both portions of this test. In addition to local high school graduation requirements and state-mandated coursework, all students must pass both the English language arts and math sections of this test to graduate. Students will be given several chances during their high school careers to pass these tests. Many students will pass these tests on their first attempt. Others must retake each test until it is passed. Sophomores who missed March tests or juniors and seniors who still need to pass one or more parts of the exam will get another shot at the exam on May 12 and May 13.


Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) will be administered from April 21 through May 1. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors will take California Standards Tests (CSTs) covering English language arts, math, social science and science. It is important that we have students present for these tests. We ask that you avoid taking your student out of school or making non-essential appointments for your student on tests dates.


The month of May will bring Advanced Placement Exams in various subjects. Students have signed up for these exams and will test May 4 to May 15. Passing grades on AP Exams often allow students to earn college credit in these courses.


If you have any questions regarding testing, please contact your student’s counselor or vice principal.