Altered Bus Schedules on PSAT Day October 10

The arrival times for bus drop offs on PSAT day (10/10) are:  
  • 7:10 am for students taking PSAT (class starts 7:30 am)
  • 12:10 pm for students not taking PSAT (class starts 12:30 pm)
Bus schedule for 10/10:
  • Route 602 to start from Bernal/Kottinger at 6:27am
  • Route 604 to start from Pimlico /Santa Rita at 6:37am
  • Extra am trip on Route 602, starting at Bernal/Kottinger at 11:27am
  • Extra am trip on Route 604, starting at Pimlico/Santa Rita at 11:37am

Bus schedule for 10/11 will not change, even though we have an altered schedule, so students taking the bus will arrive a little early the day after PSAT.