Congratulations to Kevin Li

The goal of MOP is to train younger students in Olympiad-level problem solving, broaden their mathematical horizons, and to select and train the US team for the International Mathematical Olympiad. The MOP is currently held at Carnegie Mellon University for 3 weeks starting in June. 

Invitations to the MOP are extended to a select group of students based on their scores on three levels of national math tests. The last test, called the USA(J)MO, is an 11-hour test over two days requiring students to prove 6 rigorous mathematical problems using formal proofs. Kevin finished among the top 30 freshmen nationwide.

Scott Gorsuch, math instructor at FHS shared a few thoughts on Kevin’s accomplishment.  “Kevin was enrolled in Honors Precalculus as an eighth grader, but after a month is was clear to me that he was misplaced and was already prepared for Calculus. His performance in the many extracurricular math contests has been outstanding – he clearly stands out one notch above even than most exceptional math students at the school. He is the kind of student you probably see only once a decade, and yet he is humble and unassuming to both his peers and instructors.”