Graduation Ceremony Info.

Seniors need to arrive for Graduation at 4:45 pm

Graduation Ceremony begins at 5:30 pm

Graduation cap decorations:

Seniors will be allowed to decorate their graduation caps in celebration of their achievement. All language and images must be respectful and appropriate, and all items must fit on the top of the cap (with nothing hanging off the edges and nothing more than 1/4 inch on the top). 

All caps will be checked the night of graduation and if deemed inappropriate, you will either be given a blank cap or no cap if another one is not available. Decorate wisely!  Make us proud with the caps! 

Graduation Ceremony Parking:

The FHS gates being open at 4:45 pm for graduation.   Please, contact Mary Snell via email ( if you have a disabled/elderly guest needing handicapped seating.  Your disabled/ elderly guest will be given one ticket, plus one extra in the special seating area.