January Student of the Month

Congratulations to senior Kapil Gururangan for being named Foothill’s January Student of the Month.


Most high school students have trouble planning beyond the upcoming weekend. Some have the foresight to plan their choice of college with the glimmer of an idea for their future profession.


Then there are the precious few like Kapil Gururangan. Not only is Kapil certain where he wants to go to college, but he’s already narrowed down his choice of profession.


Kapil has a passion for both law and medicine, with plans to study medicine at Duke or law at Columbia University. Kapil’s long-range goal is to combine the two passions and pursue a joint law/medical degree offered at Duke or in as accelerated program at Columbia.


Eventually, Kapil hopes to have a profession in medicine, patent law or legal forensics.


While Kapil has grand plans for his life, he’s also dedicated to helping his classmates.


``Kapil is not only one of the top performing students currently enrolled in AP calculus this year, but he has been a tremendous contributor to our school through the peer tutoring program,’‘ Burt Dixon, math department head, said. ``Kapil has been a math tutor in the program for the past two years and is currently a student director in the peer tutoring program.’‘


Kapil has also been involved in the One Club (club officer), the Junior Statesmen of America (president and secretary), the Science Bowl and We the People.


Not one to miss out on extracurricular activities, Kapil has been part of the Foothill Marching Band and the junior varsity tennis team along the way.


Outside of Foothill, Kapil has worked with the Nandalala Mission to distribute food to shelters in San Jose and Open Heart Kitchen, which provides food to people down on their luck. He’s also worked at the Pleasanton tennis park and has worked with his family to donate supplies to his great-grandfather’s village in India.


Congratulations, Kapil!


Students of the Month are nominated & chosen by Foothill staff. The program is

sponsored by the Rotary Club of Pleasanton North