Student Directories Are Here

Foothill's student directories were handed out on campus last week, but several prepaid directories have not yet been picked up. If you contributed more than $30 to AABC at walk-thru registration, you are entitled to a directory.
Please contact Kathy Soldati at or Teri Spivey at to arrange a time to pick up your directory.
If you did not buy a directory, but would like to get one, please click here for an AABC parent group membership form. The AABC membership of $30 includes a student directory. Please turn in your completed form and a check to the school office. You will be notified when to pick up your directory.
If you've already joined AABC and have one directory, you may purchase additional directories for $5 each. Again, please contact Kathy or Teri to request extra directories.
This year's directory includes student info, plus a directory of businesses that support our school or are run by Foothill families.
A special thanks to parent volunteers Kathy Soldati and Teri Spivey for their hard work in publishing this fantastic resource for our school!