Foothill High School

Student Pick-up & Drop Off

We have been working with the a traffic officer from the Pleasanton Police Department to reduce the time you spend in traffic dropping off and picking up your student(s). In order to keep traffic flowing on Foothill Road and on campus, please adhere to the following guidelines when dropping off or picking up your students.
Front Loop
When entering the front loop, please do not stop in the red zone, which is highlighted by red paint on the curbs and by red lines in the picture. This is not a loading and unloading zone. Stopping here is a major cause of the backups that occur in the loop. Going forward, loading or unloading in this area will subject you to a $100 fine. 
Please pull forward into either the left or right lanes. Both are designated for drop off and pick up. Pull down as far as possible to allow more cars in behind you. These areas are highlighted with green lines in the picture.
The middle lane is for exiting the lot only. Again, do not drop off or pick up students in this lane. Only enter this lane after you have dropped off or picked up your student(s).
Junior Lot
Please do not park in the aisles while waiting for students after school. Park in a stall and inform the student(s) to come to the vehicle. Once the student(s) have entered the vehicle proceed to exiting the lot. Be patient and safe! There are a lot of students that use the lot daily. They will be walking to cars after schools. Stay alert!
Senior Lot
The senior lot is not to be used for pick up after school until after 3:10pm
Additional Notes
Do not leave your car unattended in a drop off zone or aisle in either the front loop or junior lot. If you need to go into the building, park in a stall so that you are not blocking other drivers. Stay off your phones while driving. Our student safety is of most importance.