September Falcon Pride Students

High school is more than just academics. Foothill strives to turn out students who are good citizens and well-rounded human beings.
It is in the spirit of good citizenship that students are recognized with Falcon Pride awards. 
Teachers and staff members can nominate up to two students per month. Students are nominated for a variety of reasons, such as good attitudes, grades, improvement, being helpful or just being a good citizen.
Each student may receive the Falcon Pride recognition no more than twice each school year.
Congratulations to the September Falcon Pride students!
Student                     Nominating Teacher
Clay Beyer                    Diehl
Anthony Borg                Patz
Ashley Callery               Gilliland
Keenan Caprista            Dubach
Alicia Chavez                 Reber
Victoria Chen                 DeGiobbi
Joshua Christian            Patz
Paola Corzo                  Primeau
Logan Dean                   Myers
Shana Dinha                  Raaker
Kristen Easley               Dubach
Monica Franco               Correia
Caitlin Gray                   Hailey
Tonya Hale                    Lipman
Erika Hay                      Hailey
Jules Haykin                  Plummer
Taylor Hedge                 Correia
Cody Hohl                     Raaker
Alison Hyatt                  Fenton
Megha Jain                    Dennis
Andrew Kam                  Gullick
Rayed Khan                  Gibbons
Whitnie Larson              Rossman
Mike Lewis                    Rossman
Diana Lopez                  Noronha
Laura Marotto                Koobatian
Morgan Marriott             A. Thoe
Chris Meyer                   Plummer
Steven Moore                Ristow
Steven Moore                Myers
Cheyenne Murray           Clark
Sahil Najeeb                  Crawbuck
Paul (Jae Ho) Nam         Gullick
Kelsey Neuer                 Reber
Paige Ofstedahl             Crawbuck
Heli Patel                      Dennis
Taylor Pederson             Andrade
Davis Rajs                     Andrade
Sumi Raman                 Maher
Donell Randolph, Jr.       Baiocchi
Jennifer Reid                  Morris
Neal Salud                    Fenton
Elsa Schwaninger          O’Neill
Varun Sharma               O’Neill
Sohni Singh                   DeGiobbi
Samantha Smith            Lipman
Marriette Soupe             Maher
Aaron Tange                  Ristow
Chaitali Wagh                Morris
Brittany West                Gibbons
Maila Wheeler               Koobatian
Stephan Whelan            Clark
Meghan Whitbred           Gilliland
Chung Wi                      Diehl
Eric Wilson                   A. Thoe
Kyla Yusay                   Noronha
We strive for accuracy. Please let us know if any names are misspelled or missing –