Foothill Tackles Cancer

Foothill's tech support specialist, Jill Brierley, and choir teacher JoAnn Koobatian are in monumental battles with two extremely different forms of cancer.
Mrs. Brierley is battling colon cancer that has metastacized to her lungs. Even though she's getting chemotherapy to shrink tumors, she plans to take part in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on July 26 at Pleasanton Middle School.
Mrs. Brierley was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer during a routine colonoscopy just before her 50th birthday in August 2006. Initial treatments beat the cancer into submission, but it came back a couple of years later and spread to her lungs.
Mrs. Brierley and her friends are eager to do the relay to support research into and education about cancer. In particular, Mrs. Brierley urges everyone to Screen for Life by getting routine colonscopies before their 50th birthdays, if they are at a high risk for colon cancer or if they experience any symptoms.
Click for Mrs. Brierley's Relay for Life page to support her in this important cause. You can read about her journey at Brierley Blogger.
Mrs. K, as she is known to her students, is battling thymic cancer. Former students Lauren Bateman and Sierra Dee staged a benefit concern for Mrs. K earlier this month, while current student Vicky Binder established a donation fund. Students and friends are raising money to help Mrs. K pay for PET scans not covered by insurance.
The benefit concert and fund have pulled in a whopping $13,000 and counting for Mrs. K! Click on the file below to see the concert program.
Donations may be dropped off in the front office with Claudia See or mailed to the Mrs. K Donation Fund, 3404 Ashton Court, Pleasanton 94588. Please make checks payable to Mrs. K Donation Fund.
Keep up with Mrs. K during the summer at the Koobatian Update.
Thank you to the many Foothill families and friends who are supporting Mrs. Brierley and Mrs. K in their heroic struggles to beat cancer!
PHOTOS (from top)
Students sing at the benefit concert for Mrs. K
Jill Brierley celebrates her 50th birthday
Mrs. K with 9th-grader Vicky Binder
Posted June 10, 2008