Foothill at Top of the Class

Newsweek's annual ranking of the top 1,300 U.S. high schools is out, and Foothll falls squarely in the top one-third of the class.
Public schools are ranked based on a specific ratio that takes into account the number of Advanced Placement, International Bacalaureate and/or Cambridge tests taken by all students at the school in 2007. That number is then divided by the number of graduating seniors. Voila! That's how the public high schools are ranked.
While this is an interesting way to look at high schools across the nation, bear in mind that it's an extremely narrow way to define a school's success. There are, for example, only 880 International Baccalaureate schools in the United States. The Newsweek web site states that the Cambridge tests are used in very few schools.
Our crosstown counterpart, Amador Valley, ranked 309th on the list.
Click here for the Newsweek article and full list of schools. Be sure to click on the FAQ for more details about how schools are ranked.
Way to go, Falcons!
Posted May 20, 2008