German Exchange Students Enjoy Pleasanton

Eleven German exchange students were lucky enough to experience American culture with a three-week stay in Pleasanton this semester through the German-American Partnership Program (GAPP).
The students are from the college prep secondary school Herder-Gymnasium in Halle an der Saale, Germany. Two teachers and the principal accompanied the group.
The students learned about our culture, history and environment with travels around the Bay Area, including trips to Alcatraz Island, UC Berkeley, Mission Santa Clara, the Tech Museum and Monterey. Foothill German teacher Heather Fleming led the Berkeley tour, while teacher Cindy Jackson treated the group to a historical tour of Pleasanton.
A cornerstone of the exchange program is the three-week home stay. When visiting a foreign country, nothing compares with the experience of living with a local family. Special thanks to Foothill technical support specialist Jill Brierley for hosting a teacher in her home.
Another important component is classroom visits. The German students spent 10 days attending classes at Foothill and a half day each at Hart and Pleasanton middle schools and Lydiksen elementary. We are grateful for the support from the teachers and administrators at these schools. We are especially grateful to the many Foothill teachers who so graciously welcomed the exchange students into their classrooms.
Both the AABC parent club and the multicultural club hosted luncheons for our visitors, which gave them the chance to meet more members of our Foothill community and to really feel welcome. Many thanks to both groups for their warm-hearted support and delicious meals!
Finally, GAPP would not be possible without the hard work of the parents of all the participating Foothill students, so special thanks go to the families of Nathan Bandong, Stephanie Belcher, Jonathan Harold, Becky Hucker, Lindsay Parkinson, Matt Ponzini, Elise Scarlott, Lynn Tun, Sarah Weinberg, Revati Vishwasrao and Grace Yi. 

Foothill's GAPP students will travel to Halle during the summer of 2009 and are already anticipating an equally exciting and rewarding experience as the one they’ve just had!
Foothill students signed up for the German trip include Nathan Bandong, Stephanie Belcher, Jonathan Harold, Lindsay Parkinson, Revati Vishwasrao and Grace Yi. There is space on the trip for several more students, see Frau Fleming or click here for her web site.
PHOTO: Foothill German students and teachers join the German exchange students and teachers for a group shot.
Thank you to teacher Heather Fleming for submitting this article.
Posted May 8, 2008