Latin Students Carpe Diem

Nine Foothill students won medals for outstanding achievement on the 2008 National Latin Exam. Thirty-three students took the exam, designed to quantify students' grasp of the Latin language and culture. Students are judged on their work, but not in comparison to each other.

Foothill students who won medals are:
David Tran -- Latin 1
David Hopper -- Latin 1
Farhan Sareshwala -- Latin 1
Sally Kim -- Latin 3
Aarshi Vipani -- Latin 3
David Valadez -- Latin 1
Catherine Jue -- Latin 1
Laura Bordin -- Latin 1
Joshua Dunner -- Latin 1
Many students who didn't earn medals were given certificates of cum laude.
Congratulations to Foothill's Latin students for their outstanding efforts!