DECA Grads Create App

Foothill and DECA alumnus James Kozuch returned to campus recently to talk to current students about his success with an app he and his business partners have created.
Kozuch, now a student at Indiana University, and his partners created the app Bakkle, which gives users an easy platform to buy and sell goods. Kozuch's partners are also Foothill and DECA graduates -- Vansh Gandhi and Rameen Mashoon, but they attend different colleges.
Kozuch talked with Foothill DECA students about his experience with Bakkle. His next step is to refine the app and market it to get more users. He also wants to add categories that more closely target each user's preferences.
Bakkle provides users with items and services for sale in their communities. The user can determine how far they'd like to travel for an item and can swipe left to show interest in an item. There's also a feature to chat with the seller.
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PHOTO (from left)
Vansh Gandhi, James Kozuch, and Rameen Mashoon

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