DECA Success

Foothill's DECA team did an outstanding job at last weekend's state conference held in San Diego.
Competition was intense with a record-breaking 2,600 high school students in attendance. The Foothill team brought home 79 awards and had 32 overall finalists, meaning they were in the top 10 in the categories in which they competed.
The following 14 students achieved top honors, ranking in the top four in their categories, and qualified to represent California DECA at this year's International DECA Career Development Conference in Nashville in April. (An asterisk means that student qualified in more than one category.)
Katie Abhyankar
Benjamin Chen
Julian Dessouky
Jamal Dessouky
Edward Im*
Ardin Lo
Patrick Maund
Sophie Nguyen*
Nihar Patil*
Raymond Peng
Praveen Ravisankar
Victoria Tam
David Xu
Jacqueline Zhang
Congratulations to these students who won one or more awards at the state conference: Katie
Abhyankar, Tanvi Antoo, Benjamin Chen, Kevin Chou, Julian Dessouky, Jamal Dessouky, John
Fracisco, Edward Im, Abel John, Harshita Kaushal, Kyle Kenny, Saachi Keswani, Shawn Keswani, Janet Lee, Ardin Lo, Patrick Maund, Sofia Moskalenko, Sophie Nguyen, Mallika Pahwa, Nihar Patil, Raymond Peng, Praveen Ravisankar, Ajit Selvakumaran, Rithvik Sunku, Victoria Tam, Abhi Vishwas, Mihir Weling, David Xu and Jacqueline Zhang.