Juniors: Assessment Exams

In May, high school juniors will take part in the new California Assessment of Student Performances (CAASPP) in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. The Smarter Balanced assessment of the CAASPP system will determine each student's Early Assessment Program (EAP) achievement level and provide students with an indicator of their predicted readiness to take college-level English and mathematics courses when they start college.

Juniors will take exams May 18-29. Please see the files below for details about the Smarter Balanced Assessment tests and an info letter about testing at Foothill.
Smarter Balanced Assessment info in different languages:
NOTE: During the first week of testing, the late-day schedule schedule will be moved to Monday, May 18 instead of Wednesday, May 20. This change is for all students, not just juniors.

Knowing achievement level at the end of the 11th grade gives students the opportunity to use their senior  year to improve skills. Whether students plan to attend a California State University (CSU), one of the California community colleges (CCC) or another institution of higher education, taking steps to prepare for college before graduation is important to future success. Students will receive achievement level results on their CAASPP student score report during the summer. However, Foothill will have access to achievement levels electronically within four to six weeks after the CAASPP exams take place.

A significant benefit for students who perform at achievement level 4 on the CAASPP examinations is that they will be exempt from taking the CSU and participating CCC placement tests, and they will be able to move directly into college-level courses upon enrollment. Students who perform at achievement level 3 will be encouraged to take appropriate courses in their senior year in order to move directly to college-level courses. Additional information about the next steps for students who perform at Achievement Level 3 or below is on the CSU EAP Web Page at csusuccess.org.

Students who would like the CSU or participating CCC to receive their 11th-grade English and/or mathematics CAASPP results should select "bubble" at the end of their exam. We strongly encourage students to release their results. These results will not have an effect on admission to the CSU or CCC systems. Students who choose to not release results and later decide they would like the CSU or CCC to receive their English and/or mathematics results will need to provide a copy of their CAASPP student score report to that institution.

To learn more about the EAP and Smarter Balanced level results and to access college prep interactive tutorials, visit the CSU success website csusuccess.org. If you have questions regarding the EAP and the Smarter Balanced achievement levels, please talk with your English and mathematics teachers, high school counselor or career center director.

Using SAT/ACT Scores for EAP Conditional Status
CSU anticipates fewer students demonstrating readiness due to the change in the structure of the EAP assessment beginning in 2015. This may increase the number of students needing remediation and to take placement tests. CSU wants to ensure all students receive a fair assessment of their college readiness status.
CSU currently has a determination of competence in English and math policy that uses SAT/ACT scores. CSU will use SAT/ACT results to indicate a conditional college-ready status in English and math. All students are encouraged to take the SAT/ACT in their junior year. This allows for students to be placed in appropriate senior year English and/or math courses.

Test                         Existing CSU Readiness Cut Score      New CSU Conditionally Ready Cut Score
SAT math                        550                                                      490
SAT reading                    500                                                      460
ACT math                        23                                                        20
ACT reading                    22                                                        19

For more info, visit csueastbay.edu/eap