Wrestler Pins Honor

Foothill wrestler Michael Belichak has reached an outstanding benchmark few high school wrestlers before him have ever achieved.

The senior championship wrestler recently reached his 100th varsity win. The team captain was able to reach that stellar achievement by being a varsity wrestler all four years of high school and racking up four winning seasons.

"It is quite an accomplishment to achieve 100 varsity wins in a high school career," Coach Dennis Golcher said. "First, it typically will take a four-year varsity wrestler to accomplish that feat. Second, with the implementation of the 40-match rule (meaning you can wrestle only 40 times in a year prior to the post-season tournaments), it has been very difficult to accomplish that achievement. You must maintain a winning percentage of almost 70 percent."

In the eight years Golcher and Bennie LaFever have coached wrestling at Foothill, Michael is only the second wrestler to reach the 100-win mark. Wrestler Cal Dutrow reached that record in 2012.

Michael's current varsity record is 116 wins and 57 losses. He still has several regional and state tournaments ahead of him, meaning he could easily reach 125 wins. Dutrow ended his high school career with 117 wins and 60 losses.

Team photo by Kary Dukleth
Story by Zoe Francis

Posted Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015