Banned Books Week

What do Captain Underpants, Harry Potter and Atticus Finch have in common?
All three literary characters are frequently challenged as inappropriate reading material to keep in libraries and school curriculum.
Since 1990, more than 10,000 books have been challenged. A challenge is a formal, written complaint requesting a book be removed from library shelves or school curriculum. Challenges are not simply an expression of a point of view; they are an attempt to remove materials from public use, thereby restricting the access of other. Censorship is a basic violation of freedom of speech and the press.
Banned Books Week was created by the American Library Association to express their support of the right to choose books freely for ourselves. This annual celebration promotes our right to access books without censorship.
Although Banned Books Week runs nationwide from September 21-27, the Foothill library will keep its display up until mid-October for students and staff to peruse. The library staff encourages free choice in reading. We dare you to check out a banned book today.