Graduation Funding Complete

A huge thank you to the many generous families and community members who graciously donated all the money Foothill needs to fund this year's graduation ceremony on June 13.

Foothill got a grand total of $24,387 in donations, which is enough to cover the many expenses for the graduation ceremony on the football field. The school must rent a stage, chairs, audio and more, plus cover the cost of diplomas and awards. Click here for a full list of estimated costs, though the actual costs are expected to approach $25,000.

The great news is that we're planning ahead to buy some of the expensive items so the school does not have to rent them every year. The Associated Student Body (ASB) has pledged $50,000 to buy a stage and sound system. The sound system cost may be split with the Foothill Athletic Boosters, since sports teams would use the improved sound system.

The 2014 senior class has pledged $10,000 to buy graduation equipment, such as podiums and the storage unit needed to store graduation items.

Foothill most likely will not be able to buy these items in time for this year's graduation. The goal is to ultimately buy everything, such as chairs and stage skirts, to minimize the expense of annual graduation ceremonies.

Posted Thursday, April 24, 2014