Stanford Math Tournament

Four Foothill students who are part of the eight-member Pleasanton Math League helped the team win an impressive fifth-place ranking at the Stanford Math Tournament.

Foothill students on the team are Roland Huang, Yujin Kim, Akshay Ravikumar and Nathan Zhang. Huange won third place overall in individual general round competition after winning an intensive tiebreaker.

The Pleasanton team, which includes four Amador students, was among 100 teams that competed at the Stanford Math Tournament in late February. While most of the teams are from California, the tournament draws a few teams from around the country and even internationally. The tournament is one of the largest, most prestigious math tournaments in the nation.

The competition consists of individual and team rounds. Students competing individually can take two subject tests (algebra, geometry, advanced topics and calculus) or the choose the easier general round. Teams have a 50-minute short-answer round and a 90-minute proof round.

This year's competition was extremely close with Pleasanton ranking fifth place overall.

Foothill graduate Colin Wei, a Stanford freshman, helped organize the competition.