Mr. Foothill

In what may be the planet's oddest style and talent pageant, senior Kenny Shin was crowned Mr. Foothill in front of a standing-room-only crowd of adoring fans.

The annual Mr. Foothill pageant is a wild and wacky way for the senior class to raise money while highlighting the talents and fashion sense of a dozen seniors, one representing each month of the calendar year.

Shin, Mr. November, edged out runner-up Andrew Natsch and third-place finalist J.P. Pasteur to win the highly coveted Mr. Foothill crown and matching sash.

The other contestants are Tony Shen, Evan Williams, Camden Murtagh, Ryan Anderson, Jamirr Holland, Joe Fetherston, Tyler Gililand, Greg Hadley and Bryan Lo.

The evening started with the seniors modeling their favorite vacation wear, everything from lederhosen to a Minnie Mouse costume. The bulk of the action came when the young men displayed their various talents, such as lip syncing, dance routines and Snoop Dogg lyrics delivered beat poet style, complete with an accompanying bongo.

Natsch pulled off a zany mini-me stunt, thanks to a creatively crafted black backdrop and an extra pair of hands. Murtagh and his team of swimmers performed a dazzling synchronized swimming routine, an amazing stunt considering there was no water on stage.

The evening ended with a formal wear pageant and a brief interview during which each contestant tackled such hard-hitting topics as segregation at Hogwarts dormitories and how to order steak.

The event was a fundraiser for the senior class. There was an auction for on-campus lunch dates with each contestant. Anderson brought in the biggest bucks at $230, followed by Natsch and Lo at $115 each. The auction brought in $986.50 for the senior class. The class also made money from ticket sales.

The evening's judges are teachers Heather "Miracle Whip" Richey, Nathan "Natty P" Parrish and Joshua Hill. The students didn't have a fancy nickname for Hill, but they noted he won his third-grade spelling bee.

Posted Friday, Feb. 28, 2014