There's a lot of buzz out there about Naviance, yet very few people know what in the heck Naviance is.

Let us try to clear up the confusion.

Naviance is an awesome online program designed to help students plan their college and career paths after high school. Naviance helps students and families connect what students do in the classroom to their life goals, including finding colleges and careers based on their personal skills and areas of interest.

Naviance lets students learn about their strengths and areas of interest, and matches those skills with college and career options that are the right fit for each student. Students can work with counselors to set personalized learning goals and manage all the tasks needed for post-secondary success.

All students must log in to Naviance to establish their accounts and complete a couple of tasks. Click here to log in to Foothill's Naviance system. Students will use the same login and password they use to access Google Apps and Q Connection.

Click here for a brief tutorial that explains how students may access Naviance.