Teen Trends & Behavior

The good news is that most Foothill students are outstanding citizens who follow the rules.

The bad news is that there are and always will be some students who continue to push the boundaries of good behavior.

That was the message a couple of dozen parents heard Wednesday regarding the latest in teen behavior. The meeting, hosted by the PTO, featured Pleasanton police Officer Ryan Dawson and longtime campus supervisor Bud Mayes.

"Most of the kids are really good," Mayes said. "They're fun to be around."

The goal is to isolate the students who misbehave and insulate the well-behaved students from troublemakers, he noted.

Parking Lot Safety
The goal with parking lot safety is to keep traffic flowing smoothly and to protect vehicles and property while students are in school, Mayes said.

"We're on both sides -- the safety issue and making sure their cars are secure," he said.

Campus supervisors patrol the lots to make sure students are behaving and to keep an eye out for people who should not be on campus, Mayes said.

It's critical that parents NOT use the student parking lots for dropping off and picking up students. The parking lots are for students only. The already congested traffic gets worse and dangerous when it's clogged by parents in a hurry to drop off or pick up students.

Vandalism, Safety & Campus Surveillance
No suspects have been caught in the recent vandalism of the football field or last spring's threatening graffiti in the bathrooms, Dawson told parents.

The best way to combat vandalism and improve campus safety would be to install at least 30 state-of-the-art surveillance cameras on campus, Principal Jason Krolikowski said.

"Surveillance is a priority for me," Krolikowski said. "It is something that is important for us."

If Foothill had surveillance cameras, then "all of these things we're talking about, we could find out who did it," he said.

Drugs & Alcohol
Marijuana and alcohol remain the most popular drugs among local teens, Dawson said.

"Most of the kids who use drugs in Pleasanton are smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol," he said.

Prescription Oxycontin painkillers are somewhat popular "because it's the easiest to get," Dawson said. He warned parents to keep their prescription medications locked up and dispose properly any old medications.

Krolikowski would like to see breathalyzers used at school dances to cut down on students sneaking booze into these events. He's currently looking into the feasibility of using breathalyzers at school events.

Confidential Tip Line
Students and parents can always call the school district's 24-hour confidential tip line at 417-5199. Any tips made in person will also be kept strictly confidential.

"This is a great high school," Krolikowski said. "They are wonderful kids. We know students will make mistakes. Who you are deep down is how you handle those mistakes."

Posted Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013