Cheerleaders Off to a Strong Start

Foothill's freshman, junior varsity and varsity cheer teams earned outstanding performance awards at a Camp of Champs training camp held recently at the University of California, Irvine.

The invitation-only training camp is for schools that qualified for finals at nationals the previous school year. Foothill's cheer teams have been invited to the prestigious camp for the past nine years based on the teams' consistently high-level performances at nationals.

While at camp, Foothill's cheer teams won superior performance recognition* for:
  • Seven cheerleaders who made it to semifinals for Spirit All-Star (Amanda Arnold, Sarina DeJoy, Amber Marquez, Brittany Trevor, Karina Galvaz, Mitsu Dill and Gabbie Scalise)
  • Three cheerleaders who made it to finals for Spirit All-Star (Amanda Arnold, Sarina DeJoy and Amber Marquez)
  • All teams made it to finals in the stunt challenge
  • Junior varsity came in second in the stunt challenge (Anika Simons, Sarina DeJoy, Jordan Robinson, Brie Morrissey and Katie Jefferies)

Most importantly, Foothill cheerleaders won their paid bid at USA Nationals 2013. Winning the bid means the competition cheerleaders will have their competition fees waived if they qualify for nationals, lowering the fundraising burden on the girls. The cheerleaders worked hard to achieve the bid, which is voted on by USA staff. It's a distinguished honor since only one high school was chosen based on technical ability, sportsmanship, attentiveness and participation.

Congratulations to Foothill's cheer teams for getting off to such a strong start for the upcoming school year.

* Spirit All-Star is an individual award based on all-around technical skills. The stunt challenge include stunt groups of four to five girls who flawlessly execute a series of stunts (skills) as the skills are spontaneously called out by USA staff.

Posted Wednesday, July 11, 2012